Experience the future of interaction

Portrait merges generative AI chat, tailored personality, voice, and lifelike 3D holography to build user experiences that are more intuitive, engaging and efficient.

Interacting with PORTRAIT is...

just as easy and natural as
having a conversation

Natural Interaction

Conversational interfaces allow users to interact in a more natural and intuitive way by using speech, eliminating the need to navigate through complex menus or learn specific commands.

Generative AI produces much more human-like interactions, and our next-gen voice synthesis technology creates a comfortable environment for the user to lead the conversation.

Faster Information Retrieval

Users can quickly retrieve information by asking questions or making requests directly, streamlining the process compared to searching through menus or clicking through multiple screens.

Portrait can connect directly to company knowledge bases, stock control systems and schedules to deliver instant, accurate information to users.

Context Aware and personal

Conversational interfaces can better understand user context and preferences, providing a more personalized experience over time.

This context awareness enhances efficiency by tailoring responses and actions to individual users. Portrait can think around problems, focussing on desired outcomes rather than a script.

How Portrait can work for you

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